Meeting Monkeys!

On Friday we drove south along the Cape Penninsula to World of Birds Sanctuary and Monkey Park at Hout Bay. The Park raises and cares for birds from all over Africa. It also is home to many different species of monkeys and other creatures. Oliver and Louisa loved this visit mostly because they were able to interact with Squirrel Monkeys. The pictures below tell the story better than my words. First a range of beautiful birds and then Oliver and Louisa’s delight as the little monkeys jumped on them, climbed on them, and ate food from their hands.


Beautiful pink birds

Lovely parrots

Ducks that look painted

An amazing white bridal like peacock

Beautiful colouring


One of many species of monkeys in the Park

Wise owls

Making friends with a Squirrel Monkey

The monkeys used Louisa’s hair to climb; she wasn’t afraid at all


Oliver and Louisa’s joy when face to face with these little creatures is so clear from these photos and an absolute highlight of the trip for us.


7 thoughts on “Meeting Monkeys!

  1. Vanessa

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your adventures in South Africa! I especially love the pictures with the kids and the monkeys! My favourite would have to be the one where the monkey is checking out the camera and you can see Louisa laughing such a great action shot! I also love the picture of Ollie in the post card frame – he looks so cool in his hat!

    I bet the kids are loving the experience! Although I couldn’t help but laugh a little when I read the staff we’re calling Louisa ‘baby’ – at least they weren’t calling her cute! I can’t wait to hear all about it and see more photos! I’ve been learning a lot from your posts (and living vicariously through them) and have definitely added South Africa to the travel bucket list – the Blue Train is a must as are the animal sanctuaries!

    Safe travels and see you guys soon!

    P.s. Who knew honey badgers are more feared than the big cats?!

    1. Amanda Barnier Post author

      Hi Vanessa! The monkey in the camera is my favourite too! The kids are having an amazing time and mostly are coping reasonably well with the busy schedule, late nights and/or early mornings. Louisa has collected about 6 stuffed wild animals though in a series of bribes to cooperate! I am posting also on Facebook in between blogging, so have sent you a friend request in case you want to check those photos out too. See you soon!

  2. Mrs Taylor and 3/4T

    Dear Oliver, Louisa and family,

    All of 3/4T are sitting in front of the SMART Board reading your amazing journey so far. We have just come back in from scripture (It is Wednesday!) and are so excited to read about the cute, climbing monkeys, see the amazingly coloured birds and marvel at the big hole! We can’t believe you got to see diamonds!

    Everyone wants to leave a message so I have included their thoughts below:

    Sheridan: I love the white peacock!
    Lauren: The monkeys are so cute!
    Michael: That is a seriously huge hole! I can’t believe that you got to see it Oliver! Next time can I come to Africa with you?
    Kate: Were you scared when the monkey climbed on you?
    Charlie: The big hole looks pretty scary!
    Sienna (3): What was your favourite part of the trip?
    Jemma: I thought that flamingoes are pink. In that picture they’re white.
    Cristian: I love the monkeys and I miss you!
    Edith: Those peacocks look like they’re angels that fell out of heaven.
    Tom: Where were those diamonds? Can you mine some for me please?
    Kye: Wow! It looks like an epic journey! I wish I could come!
    Prue: Those birds look really beautiful. I wish I could go and see them in the school holidays.
    Edward: It looks like a really interesting trip.

    Oliver we have missed you while we were on our Earthkeeper’s Camp but Mrs Taylor has put some pictures of our camp on our class blog so you can see what we did!

    We will see you after the holidays, but try and write one more reply to your blog before we break up for the term.

    Mrs Taylor and all of 3/4T

  3. Amanda Barnier Post author

    Hi 3/4T, we are in the Kalahari Desert right now, staying in a lodge in the middle of Tswalu Game Reserve. We have seen lions, cheetahs, a rhino, baboons, zebras, meerkats and more animals in the wild. It is 5am here and Oliver and his dad slept out under the stars on a dune somewhere last night. When he comes back later this morning I will get him to answer your great questions and we will post about this leg of our journey. We’ve been learning a lot about conservation here in Africa, just like you did at Earthkeepers! More soon! Amanda (Oliver’s Mum).

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