With one week to go, what Oliver is looking forward to in Africa

We are trying out video diaries for our African blogging. We’d like to be able to send links to Oliver’s class (3/4T) and Louisa’s class (KR) and let their classmates follow along with Oliver and Louisa’s journey. I am struggling a bit with uploading videos to the blog on iPhone or iPad. I can get it to work on my laptop but I won’t be taking my laptop. So after some fiddling around here goes. A short video of Oliver describing what he is looking forward to in Africa (in two parts via Instagram, which has a 15 second limit, or the full version via You Tube). We now have an Instagram account and a YouTube Channel you can subscribe to where our photos and videos will appear as I work out the best workflow for blogging on the go. Look for “oliverandamandaineurope”:


Part 1:


Part 2:



Or try this link of the full video from You Tube:


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