Legoland! Part 4: Star Wars

In this final post in our series on Legoland Denmark, we share photos of the Star Wars display in MiniLand.

Being an “old school” Star Wars fan (B.J.J.B; that is, I liked it before JarJar Binks appeared), I recognised the scenes from Episodes IV to VI (Star Wars: A New Hope; The Empire Strikes Back; Return of the Jedi). Oliver knew the others and hopefully I have put the photos roughly in the right order. Perhaps in the comments you can identify the scene and the movie for each picture? Just type in the picture number and what movie it is from and what is happening and I will add it to the caption for each photo plus a credit to you!



















Pretty amazing! My only regret: no Death Star!! Oliver has the Death Star Lego kit at home, but wouldn't it be cool if they made one to the scale of these other scenes? Time for some friendly customer feedback!

So! What do you think? Where are these scenes from? Over to you!

That's it from Legoland. We are off to Rotterdam in a few hours and now up to date on this blog. Catch you soon.

Amanda and Oliver.


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