Sunday in Aarhus: Our Wimbledon rest day

The Wimbledon Championships at the All England Club, which start tomorrow, run over two weeks in June and July each year. Two weeks. Almost exactly the same length as our trip. At Wimbledon, the middle Sunday — the Sunday after the first full week of play — traditionally is a rest day. So too for us. Today we are having an easy day. Resting our legs and feet and preparing for our busy second week of travelling.


Tomorrow we are booked for a full day at Legoland Denmark. We need to be on a train just after 8am and then won't return to our hotel until after 8pm. On Tuesday we have two flights: Aarhus to Copenhagen and Copenhagen to Amsterdam. So another long day of travelling. On Wednesday we are catching a train to Rotterdam and launching straight into three and a half days of conferencing. My first talk is Wednesday afternoon. Then we fly home next Sunday.


So today is our Wimbledon rest day. It is quieter here in Aarhus than yesterday, Saturday. Perhaps everyone else is resting as well?

Oliver slept late this morning and we took our time heading to breakfast and then out and about. We considered visiting the ARoS Art Museum (ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Danish) or the Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisk Museum in Danish) at the University of Aarhus. But instead we agreed on a slow day.

We crossed the street to browse Salling, a department store much like Myers in Sydney. Oliver bought some “Lone Ranger” Lego and I bought Louisa a cool, purple winter jacket (on sale since it is summer here). We then walked to the train station to buy our train tickets to Legoland for tomorrow.

Salling Department Store and Louisa's new jacket


Right now we are set up in a cosy corner of the lobby of our hotel (since our room is pretty compact). Oliver is building his Lego in between playing on a hotel computer and the foosball table. We have drinks and snacks and books and iPads and a plan to chill out until it's time for an early dinner.

Cozy in the hotel lobby


There is so much in Aarhus we could be seeing, but like the tennis players who make it through the first week at Wimbledon, we need to regroup and recharge. I think we will enjoy the days and sights to come if we stop rushing for one day and just breathe in and out for a while.

So more soon from us. Meanwhile, enjoy the tennis!


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