20 days to go, the packing list

Amanda says:

I am a big believer in the “trial pack”; laying out all your stuff and checking that it fits in your luggage before departure day. I’m also a big believer in a suitcase with a “gusset” zip so you can undo it when your bag gets too full and get some extra room. That way you can hit the shops and not worry about fitting all your purchases into the suitcase or trying to smuggle it home in your overweight hand luggage (and breaking your back in the process).

I like to be organised for my flights. I do not like to pack at the last minute. So already I am starting to think about what we will be taking and what I will be packing it in.

So in that spirit, here are my top 5 items to pack (apart from passport and money):

  1. my Kindle and cover with integrated light, which not only saves space in my carry on bag but saves me money when I’m browsing the airport bookstores (the cover with light is especially good because I can read on the plane without the overhead light on)
  2. noise cancelling headphones for the plane
  3. some of these mesh bags to store my plugs and cables and some of these packing cubes to sort the clothes in my bag
  4. a change of clothes in my carry on bag in case my luggage doesn’t make it (touch wood it doesn’t happen this trip) or just to freshen up after 24+ hours in transit
  5. some comfy clothes for the hotel room and comfy shoes for all the walking we will do

I am a bit of a Crumpler luggage fan boy. For this trip I have a new Crumpler backpack as my carry on so I have hands free to help Oliver with his luggage. Here’s a picture …


Oliver says:

My top five items to pack are:

  1. my iPad mini, which I got as an early birthday present for this trip
  2. sunglasses
  3. a camera
  4. my travel diary (something like this)
  5. my guide books, including this one for London

What are your must pack items?

7 thoughts on “20 days to go, the packing list

    1. Amanda Barnier Post author

      You’re being sarcastic, aren’t you Carolyn? 😉 It makes me extremely anxious when I read posts on Facebook by people who are due at the airport in 30 minutes and have yet to start packing!

  1. Jacqui

    Saline spray and a face washer! It’s so nice to wash your face with and feel totally refreshed. Plus dont forget some butterscotch – great for takeoffs and landings too 😉

    1. Amanda Barnier Post author

      Hi Jacqui, my sister-in-law, Tomo, once gave me a groovy little container with a washer inside, which she bought in Japan. It was for washing your face while travelling. But I worried about the washer getting a bit manky. Butterscotch is a great tip. Thanks!

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