Signing off: From blog to book

This is the last post on our blog “oliverandamandaineurope”. I’ve really enjoyed the process of blogging. As you’ve read, I’ve travelled a lot but never been one for endless photos or other recording along the way. I have believed in the value of living the experience rather than documenting it, assuming that I would remember the most important parts of any journey.

But it has been nice to blog on this European trip for Oliver’s sake as much as for mine. Fortunately the process of photographing and blogging didn’t interfere much with the doing!

I hope that Oliver remembers our trip for years to come and looks back on this blog and his adventures with pride and fondness. Since we returned home I’ve explored options for turning the blog into a book, via websites and programs such as Blog2Print. It would be great to have a physical book or an e-book to flip through together and remember the wonderful things we did.

I hope also that this trip is the first of many we will take. Now that Oliver and Louisa are older, my work related travel has increased again (after a long lull while they were small). In August I’m off to Dunedin, New Zealand, and in October to San Francisco, USA, where I lived as a postdoc before the kids were born. In 2014 Peter has a work trip to South Africa and he’s keen for us to consider a safari.

There are some things we may never be able to give our children, but hopefully we can give them the gift of the world and travelling through (parts of) it.

Thank you for reading and for commenting. It was great knowing that people were following and sharing in our journey.

I’ve enjoyed blogging so much that in my spare time I’m setting up a new, more work-related blog called: “a woman in cognitive science: postcards from an academic life”. I’ll let you know when it is up and running, in case it takes your fancy.

Until then, Oliver and Amanda signing off!

Screen shot 2013-07-12 at 3.31.50 PM

2 thoughts on “Signing off: From blog to book

  1. Karen

    Amanda, I haven’t commented, but LOVED following you & Oliver with your travels! What a great memory to keep & to reminisce when he is older. xxx


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